Sunday, September 5, 2010


ive bought my new shoes. damn it is gorgeous. actually not so gorgeous pun because after i bought it i found there are different shoes lagi. hmmm so sad. but i dont even care. ive got mine already kan ? AHAH. btw thanks to WAWA PAHROL , HAZIQ HANIF HIDZIR , SYERA ROSLI , and ATTIQ NASIR for the wonderful evening :)

p/s this whole post is inspired by Miss Gda Majidah . kau pernah post pasal kasut kn ? AHAHA


ainamarhamah said...

wuhuu...sum1's got gladiator....hehhe...nak jugak....hehhe...nice...cpt la tgk my blog plak...heheh

yunie said...

okayyy. nnt i tngok eh yang. :)